The Flying Veterans of San Francisco own and operate an IFR capable 1973 Piper Cherokee PA-28-180 that is hangared at San Carlos Airport (KSQL).


  • Garmin 430W (WAAS GPS for Precision LPV approaches)
  • Aspen E5 EFIS
  • Lynx NGT-9000 ADS-B In/Out transponder
  • Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • 2nd Nav/Com
  • Century I Autopilot
  • CO Cockpit Monitor
  • DAVTRON Clock/OAT/Volts Meter
  • EI FP-5 Fuel Totalizer
  • Yoke mounted iPad with ForeFlight subscription

The aircraft is IFR certified. The plane achieves about 115-120 kts TAS at its favorite altitude of 7000 ft. Service ceiling is around 14,000ft depending on weight.

The club currently charges $100/hr wet/tach. (Tach-time assumes plane is running at 2400 rpm - usually about 0.8 times Hobbs time). Fuel prices affect the current flight-hour charge.

In summary, it's a great airplane that has flown over much of the Western US. With a useful load of 956 pounds, it is a true 4 person airplane that's great for taking friends and family to exciting locations.

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