Membership in The Flying Veterans Club of San Francisco is limited to a total of 8 members. Membership is not limited to military veterans. Members have a wide range of flying experience and ratings. Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to contact us and ask to be placed on the club's waiting list.

Meetings are held in the the club's hangar office on the second Tuesday of every month.

Cost of Membership

When a new membership opportunity arises, the new member usually purchases the outgoing member's interest in the club at a mutually agreed price. Ongoing membership costs include:

  1. Monthly dues currently set at $135/mo.
  2. Hourly cost to fly the club aircraft currently set at $85/hr. (wet) but the hourly amount may fluctuate depending on the cost of fuel.

Monthly dues pay for the insurance on both aircraft, the rental of the hangar and the associated office, the tie down, personal property taxes for the aircraft, annual inspection costs, and required avionic and instrument checks. Reserves for schedule maintenance and inspections are built into the hourly rate.